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  Ladies and gentleman!


  Time goes so quickly and your travel in Zhejiang is drawing to close.


  Let me take this opportunity to say something about our wonderful trip.


  First of all, I wish to thank you all for your cooperation given us in the past days.


  Days ago, we met as strangers,today, we say goodbye to each other as friends.


  If you want to travel in Zhejiang someday in the future I hope to be your guide again and take you around more tourist sites.


  Thank you!



  Every guest , everybody are good , I represent (代表)a driver first,the travel service who represents XX welcomes everybody arriving in beautiful sea town- - Dalian , I am a tourist guide of XX travel service member, I am called Meng Li Na , everybody lets my small Meng can.

  Front's be a driver X master, the X master driving experience having many years , the driving technology is excellent(驾驶技术高超), is at ease therefore everybody can be complete in the process of bridge crane(所以大家在行车过程中可以完全放心).

  This several day is served for everybody by our and X master then right away.

  There is a sentence in China as the saying goes regards: Construct such that the same boat spends for a century.

  Today we will be: Repair same car dealer's for a century.

  Everybody knows each other well from not being acquainted for to meeting in all of us being gone to from different place ride in in the same vehicle with a destination, this is really one kind of very marvellous and fine as well preordained relationship , lets us carry this fine preordained relationship through to the end so right away.

  That Little meng first here wish everybody trip to Dalian happy, hope we Dalian good mountain, good water, good tourist guide, good driver bring a portion to a portion good state of mind, make everybody with face to face Dalian expectation and long for but come with face to face Dalian satisfied and linger around but return to.

  Bless everybody Shu eating in Dalian finally中国有句俗话说的好:百年修得同船度。






  That trip to Dalian to master of here will have been over.

  Believe in more of Dalian public square , big of greenbelt area, clean appearance of a city and Euro-style city construction are stayed by you deeply impression, keeps an incense especially among the Dalian seafood lip and tooth definitely as early as you.



  Little meng thanks everybody's all the way support to my job and understands that also in here.

  Hope that everybody gets chance to come to Dalian again, small Meng and my location (所在)XX travel service will be that you provide (提供)the service using more well.

  Wish everybody's returning journey all smooth God-speed finally! 最后祝大家归途一切顺利一路平安


  (Farewell speech)

  Respected Dr.Mills, leader of People-to-People Forensic Science delegation and Mrs.

  Mills.Respected Mr.Lucas, leader of the delegation and Mrs.Lucas.

  Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends.

  Time goes so quickly and your trip to China is drawing to a close.

  Tomorrow morning our friends will be leaving Guangzhou for Hong Kong by train.

  Before wee part, I would like to say a few words.

  Entrusted by the Ministry of Public Security, Miss Chao and I took on the responsibility of doing logistics on behalf of the China Civil International Touristt Corporation during your stay in China.

  Your duration of stay in this country was only two and half weeks ` time.

  You visited Beijing, which is the capital of the People` s Republic of China, Then the delegation was divided into two teams.

  Dr.Mill` s team went to Shenyang and Guilin and Mr.Lucas ` team toured Shanghai and Hangzhou.

  Shanghai and Shenyang are industrious cities, while Guilin and Hangzhou are scenic spots.

  In China people usually say : up above there is paradise, down below there are Suzhou and Hanggzhou.

  Guilin claims to be second to none in scenery.

  (Guilin scenes are the finest under heaven.) In 1985 an English newspapar “China Tourism news” sponsored a poll for the Chinese people to select the ten most popular scenic spots in China.

  The West lake of Hangzhou, and mountains and waters of Guilin were on the top of the ten.

  Finally, the two teams came to Guangzhou by air in different directions.

  While the delegation members were in China, they exchanged the technical information with the Chinese professional counterparts about forensic sciences, visited several criminal science and technology research institutes, the China Criminal Police College, a jail and hospital.

  The accompanying persons toured some unique place.

  Examples of these were a township, an arts and crafts factory, a kindergarten, jade factory and ivory carving factories, and carpet factory.

  The whole delegation also toured the grounds of some famous historical spots in China.

  They had several banquets and tasted the different varieties of Chinese food in different places.

  It is our belief that everything was covered, and your trip to this country was worth “all the tea in China.” You were in good hands and good company.

  While you were and are in China, the delegation members have been very co-operative, friendly, and understanding .

  We appreciated that very much .

  This is because that friendship does not go on way, it goes both ways.

  Friendship always benefits.

  When you lead a delegation of 65 people with the assistance of our American and Canadian friends, it is easy.

  As the Chinese saying goes: “Nothing is more delightful than to meet friend from far away.””A visit by friends from afar bring special joy.We tend to do well those things we do often.”

  Once your former President Abraham Lincoln said: ”You can please some of the people all of the time, some of the other people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.”

  However, this is the beginning of our friendship.

  We believe that this friendship will continue to grow in the furture.

  Parting is such sweet sorrow.

  Happy to meet, sorry to depart and happy to meet again.

  Upon your arrival in the United States of America and Canada, would you please send our best regards to your family members, your relative, your friends, and your colleagues.

  Make new friend,

  But keep the old ;

  One is silver,

  And the other is gold.

  Now I propose a toast:

  To the friendship among the peoples of China, America and Canada

  To the successful visit of the delegation to China

  To your excellent co-operation and assistance during your stay in China

  To the health of Dr.Mills, leader of the delegation and Mrs.Mills

  To the health of Mr.Lucas, leader of the delegation and Mrs.Lucas

  To the health of all the delegation members , cheers.

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